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http://file:///Users/dannyakers/Desktop/Café%20Amelie.pdf/uploads/files/Café Amelie(1).pdf(Cafe Amelie painting by Andrew LaMar Hopkins)

"There's no shortage of quaint scene-stealers in New Orleans, but Cafe Amelie stands out for its 150-year-old Princess of Monaco Courtyard that feels miles away from the lively street life the Crescent City is famous for. Come for Cajun and Creole specialties served surrounded by historic buildings, lush foilage and trickling fountains that make this romantic hideaway a popular wedding venue, too." 

-American Express, "Make Mine Al Fresco: The Top 20 Outdoor Dining Destinations" 2017

"The kitchen makes any trip worthwhile.  ...Expect a light departure from typical local fare, including seasonal salads, homemade soups, and sandwiches build from fresh baked bread.  All go wonderfully at what is certainly one of the ciy's most romantic outdoor settings."
- Brett Anderson, Times-Picayune Restaurant writer

"Cafe Amelie is an idealized vision of cloistered French Quarter beauty, but it transcends postcard cliche with local authenticity. Local merchants stop in for sandwiches at lunch or drinks after closing the shop for the day. Groups of friends book tables well in advance to watch sunsets paint the place in soft colors … If you want to change someone's mind about moving away from New Orleans, an evening table here could seal the deal." 
- "French Quarter Rendez Views"Ian McNulty, Gambit Weekly

"Appreciative out-of-towners often say the French Quarter makes them feel as though they've left the country for a spell. Café Amelie can achieve the same effect on locals too. A meal here certainly makes me feel as though I've been transported to some country estate-turned restaurant. 
WWLTV's "Top 4 for Date Night" - WWLTV's "Top 4 Spots for Outdoor Dining"

"Named for Amelie Miltonberger, mother of Alice Heine,who was raised in the accompanying townhouses and would later become the first American Princess of Monaco, the café has a palpable sense of history. Both its light Creole fare and lush, distinctly New Orleans surroundings are pleasant reminders that the city's rich culinary present is powerfully linked to its unique past.

- "Royal Experience", Lee Cutrone, Gambit Weekly

"The kitchen prepares French-style dishes with a light touch. A thick filet of tuna, surrounded by fingerling potatoes, is nicely matched with a sweet honey, sesame and soy sauce. Beautiful lamb chops with a blackened crust are served with a sugary Scotch bonnet pepper jelly that has a wisp of heat. The reoccurring sweet, often fruity sauces on the menu take the place of rich, buttery sauces and give the food a Caribbean lilt." 
- More from Offbeat Magazine

"There is nothing better than stumbling across a restaurant that dazzles you beyond your current sense of reality. One such place sits in the romantic Princess of Monaco Courtyard in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Café Amelie is the destination for Cajun and Creole cuisine."
- "Cajun and Creole Cuisine at its Best" (3-part series), Valerie Albarda,

Winner of 2014 Diners' Choice Award for Top 100 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in America

Voted "Best Brunch" five years in a row from Where Y'at magazine

Voted "Favorite Outdoor Dining Spot" - Where Magazine

"One of our favorite outdoor dining spots." - Where Magazine

Cafe Amelie has been nominated for "Best Gumbo" - WWLTV's "N'Awlins #1s"

"A beautiful location with delightful service. A perfect place for lunch." - Zagat

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"Charming atmosphere! delicious food!"

Caf? Amelie

"Cafe Amelie is a unique setup and a very romantic place for a quiet meal. Loved it."

Caf? Amelie

"Eating here is the quintessential New Orleans experience."

Caf? Amelie

"Easily the best place to eat in New Orleans...Great service, food, drinks, and atmosphere!"

"A perfect oasis in the French Quarter"